West Sutherland Fisheries Trust


Established in 1996, the Trust works with all stakeholders including proprietors, anglers and regulatory authorities to protect and restore all fish stocks within the area. The stated aim of the Trust is to return salmonid populations to the levels seen in the 1970's through the conservation and protection of fish species in each catchment. This will best be achieved by habitat and fisheries management through the Fishery Management Plan and individual catchment management plans. The Trust continues to support the use of catch and release as a useful management tool, and by promoting good practice we hope to retain sustainable fisheries for the benefit of all.


West Sutherland Fisheries Trust

The Trust is reliant on the good will and financial support of a range of organisations and individuals. Our sincere thanks go to all those listed, and to the many individuals who will remain anonymous but have donated time and money to the Trust and its activities, and without whom we could not operate.

Map of West Sutherland Fisheries Trust
area and the larger catchments


Assynt Angling Company Ltd
Brackloch Trust
Heritage Lottery Fund
Loch Duart Ltd
North & West District Salmon Fishery Board
Rhiconich Estate
Reay Forest Estate
Nature Scot
Scourie Estate
Wildland Ltd

Mr Don O'Driscoll          
Mr David Allison
Mr Cathel MacLeod
Mr David Davies
Mr Simon Jeffreys
Mr Richard Osborne

Mr Douglas Low

Mr Andy Johnston

Ms Sara Harkins

Mr Euan Anderson

Dr Shona Marshall (Senior Fisheries Biologist)
With a PhD on the Fish Communities of the Humber Estuary, Shona has worked for the Trust since 1996.


Ms  Morven MacKenzie (Assistant Fisheries Biologist) 

With a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology, Morven has worked for the Trust since 2022.

Email : wsft@btconnect.com    Tel : 01971 502259 
Postal Address : WSFT, Gardeners Cottage, Scourie, By Lairg. Sutherland, IV27 4SX.
Charity number : SC024426  Useful Links
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