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General Documents


Wellies & Wildlife

The Trust has produced an activity booklet to help you explore the wildlife of the area. Written in a family-friendly style, it is full of colour photos showing a range of the plants and creatures you can find as you explore the area, or even drive through, as well as some fun facts on different animals. It is available from the Trust or various local outlets at a cost of £3. An idea of the contents can be seen here


Laxford Sea Trout Tracking

The final report can be found here


Freshwater Lochan Survey

The Trust undertook a survey of a number of lochans within the Assynt & Coigach area, with assistance from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Nature Scotland. The final report can be found here




The Trust has produced a publicity poster. If you think that you can promote the Trust, then please feel free to download the attached.  FMP poster.pdf

Fishery Management Plan

The Trust has produced a third Fishery Management Plan for its area, to run from 2019 - 2023. This document will lead much of the work of the Trust over this period. Fishery Management Plan


Biosecurity Plan


The Trust has produced a Biosecurity Plan for the area. This involves a number of stakeholders and is considered an important aspect of the protection of riverine areas. Biosecurity Plan 20 - 29


Catch and Release Guidance ASFB/RAFTS


The practice of catch and release is strongly recommended by the Trust to encourage an increase in salmonid numbers in local waters for the benefit of all. Catch and Release guidance


 Annual Accounts

The 2018/19 Annual Accounts can be viewed here

The 2019/20 Annual Accounts can be viewed here

The 2020/21 Annual Accounts can be viewed here



A range of other reports detailing the work of the Trust are available from the Archive or the Biologist, including earlier Annual Reports.

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